E1/25/1D/1     Lease for lives                       12 Nov 1647
     1.   Thomas Garrard of Lambourn, Berks, gent and
          Susan his now wife.
     2.   Sir George Willmot of Charlton, Berks, Knight, and
          Anthony Libbe of Hardwick.
  Sixth parts of the rectory and parsonage of Claxon alias
Clauson, together with the sixth parts of their houses, lands,
tenements in Claxon, alias Clauson, Leicester and all their
sixth parts of their manor of East Lidford and the sixth part of
their houses, lands, tenements in East Lidford, Somerset and
also all their sixth parts of 3 farms called Hodore, Westlands
and Petlands parish of Hartfield, Sussex. For the life of Susan
Garrard and Jane Lorighte, sister to Susan Garrard.

LONDON     E1/26/1D/1 - 7

See also E1/11/1D/4

E1/26/1D/1     Copy Agreement for Marriage            6 Jun 1685
     1.   Thomas Powys of Linc. Inne, esq.
     2a.  Ambrose Holbeck of Mollington, gent
      b.  Sarah Holbeck, eldest daughter of 2a.
     3a   Hon. Sir Thomas Walcot, kt.
      b.  Littleton Powys of Salop, eldest brother of 1.
      c.  Mathew Johnson of London, esqq.
      d.  Samuel Grenne of Warwick, gent
  Consideration:  £6,000.

E1/26/1D/2     Settlement and Declaration of Trust    4 Apr 1710
     1a.  Sir Thomas Powys of Lincolnes Inne Fields Kt.
      b.  Dame Elizabeth, wife of 1a.
     2a.  Sir Philip Meadows the Elder of Westminster Kt,
            father of 1b.
      b.  Sir Philip Meadows the Younger, Kt, sonne & heire
            aparent of 2a.
      c.  Richard Dyot of St. Giles in the Fields,
            Westminster, esq.
  Declaration of Trust of 4 yearly annuities of £50 granted to
1a. for 99 years and assigned to 2a, 2b and 2c in Trust.

E1/26/1D/3     Letters of Attorney                    4 Apr 1710
     1a.  Sir Philip Meadows the Younger of Westminster, esq.
      b.  Richard Dyot of St, Gyles in the fields, Middlesex, esq.
     2.   Sir Thomas Powys of Lincolnes Inne fields,

E1/26/1D/4     Counterpart Assignment of Lease       30 Jun 1741
     for residue of the term of 30 years
     1.   John Girle citizen and surgeon of London.
     2.   Richard Burton of Devonshire Square, London, merchant.
  All that now built brick messuage situate and being on the
north east side of a street called New Broad Street buildings,
parish of St Botolphs without BIshopsgate, London, and also all
that other brick building situate on the same side of the street
at a small distance from the messuage in the same parish
containing 6 coachbuses and one stable for 3 horses.

E1/26/1D/5     Assigment of Insurance policy        22 Mar 1743
     and sums of money for 7 years
     1.   Edward Stephenson of Hatton Garden, Middlesex, esq.
     2.   John Girle, of Mark Lane London, surgeon.
  Sum of £2,125 on brick house situate on the west side of a
courtyard and behind other houses on the parish of St Olaves
Hart Street, and on the warehouses four stories high situate on
the west side of Mark Lane, parish of St Olaves Hart Street
(numbers 67119 + 67121)

E1/26/1D/6     Assignment of a lease for the         27 Sep 1749
     remainder of a term of 21 years
     1.   John Girle of Mark Lane London, surgeon
     2.   Thomas Tash of London, esq.
  Messuage or tenement in Mark Lane, parish of St Olave’s
London, together with all warehouses, stables and offices over
the stables, coachhouses, cellars, chambers, rooms excepting the
2 vaults underneath the messuage which have doors that open into
Mark Lane.

E1/26/1D/7     Correspondence and odd bills from various
               tradesmen for work done for Mr Girle.   1743-1749
   Includes: Agreement for assigning over lease of house to
Thomas Tash (Landlord is Edward Stephenson); bill for purchase
of household items by John Girle from Edward Stephenson;
correspondence on behalf of Edward Stephenson to John Girle re
alterations to house in Marsh Lane in which he is tenant. (9

MIDDLESEX     E1/27/1D/1

E1/27/1D/1     Assignment of Lease                   22 Jun 1719
     1a.  Thomas Powys of Lilford, Northants, esq.
      b.  Ambrose Powys of Lincolns Inne, esq.
     2.   Dame Elizabeth Powys Lyon House, Isleworth, Middlesex
  Consideration:  5/-, 5/-

See E1/16/1D/1 and probate section


E1/28/1D/1     Final Concord                         13 Jan 1657
     1.   Frances Cross the elder, widow and
          Frances Crosse the younger, plaintiffs.
     2.   William Crosse and Sarah his wife, deforciants.
  20 messuages in the parish of St Anne and Agnes, London, 5
messuages, 70 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 20 acres of
pasture and 5 acres of wood in the parish of St Saviours in
Southwark and Cranley, Surrey, 30 acres of land, 12 acres of
meadow, 20 acres of pasture in great Gaddesden, Co Herts.

E1/28/1D/2     Memoranda Book of William Crosse    20 Feb 1657/8
  Memoranda of diverse houses belonging to William Crosse,
including the Manor of Southall in Great Gaddesdone,
Hertfordshire, the manor of Croydon, Surrey (being mainly copies
of deeds and court rolls).

E1/28/1D/3     Draft/Bill in Chancery                      ?1712
     1.   James Clarke of East Moulsey, Surrey.
     2a.  Sir William Glynn
      b.  Sir Joseph Alston
      c.  Dame Penelope, wife of 2b.
      d.  Stephen Glynn
      e.  Sophia, wife of 2d.
      f.  Robert Pocock
      g.  Edward Hill
      h.  Richard Libbe
      i.  William Glynn
  Farneborough Wood (43 acres): Coppice ground (63 acres) called
Claygate wood; Old Land coppice (51 acres); Chaste Houves
coppice (50 acres); Hooke Hearne Wood (22 acres); Smiths Hills
coppice (32 acres); Brambles Wood, Little Grapsham Wood, Great
Grapsham Wood and Hooke Wood (35 acres);Hooke Marle Wood (45
acres); Bun Coppice, als Burnt Coppice (6 acres); all being in
Thames Ditton, Long Ditton & Sutton, Surrey.

E1/28/1D/4     Lease for a year                       3 Dec 1739
     1.   John Breedon of Bere Court, Berks.
     2.   Joseph Townsend of Mapledurham and
          Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
  Site of the parsonage of Rickmansworth, Hertord with all the
houses, barns stables and ther buildings, belonging.

E1/28/1D/5     Release by Marriage Settlement         4 Dec 1739
     1.   John Breedon of Bere Court, Berks.
     2.   Mary Hanbury of Mapledurham, spinster
     3.   Joseph Townsend of Mapledurham, esq. and
          Philip Powys of Hardwick esq.
  Site of the parsonage of Rickmansworth, Co Hertford, with all
edifices, barns, stables and other edifices and buildings.
  In consideration of a marriage between 1. and 2. 1. grants to
3. for life of him in trust.

WILTSHIRE     E1/29/1D/1

E1/29/1D/1     Declaration of Trust                  13 Jul 1655
     1. Anthony Libb, son and heir apparent of Richard Libbe
          of Hardwick, esq
     2. Anthowy Carrew of Haselbury, Wilts, esq.
  Messuage of Haselbury and all those inclused grounds called
Green Conigre, North Conigre, Chapel Conigre and Horse Close
being enclosed with a stone wall and all that pasture ground
called Miers Whereleaze, Harrors Bancke, Coomes Stanckleaze,
White Wood piece, Chapmans Washwells, Butchers Washwells and
Priddy grounds, arable or pasture grounds called Stanckleazes,
Chibleazes, Leverleaze, 5 arable grounds called White Junox,
Blasers Junox, Broades Junox, 12 acres and ashacres, range of
pasture and meadow ground called Foggams Westcroft, Crawleaze,
Foggams meades and Crawleaze meades containing 40 acres, range
of arable or pasture grounds called Danly Lease containing 38
acres; range of arable or pasture ground containing 23 acres,
that range of meadow ground called Box farm meades lying behind
Box farm house with the parcels of Hugh Speke in the Common
fields called Box Common field, Tilequarre Common Field, Chapple
Common Field, containing 260 acres, 200 of which were lately
enclosed by Hugh Speke. Also Coppices called Miers Coppice,
Whitewood Coppice, Dansty Coppice, Pridley Coppice, White Junox
coppice, Foggams Coppice, Kingmore Wood, Hookes Coppice, Beasers
Coppice, upper, middle and lower Charlewoodes,Cheinies wood,
Hunts Coppice, Hall Wood containing 150 acres and also that
farmhouse together with lands, meadows, pastures with lands
called Pinchons, Ashbrookes, Bollens, Herminge Poole, Hunts
Fininge inn and new Hermenge Poole, adjoining to Broades
Herminge Poole. Also those 2 barns called parsonage barn and
Budlaw parishes fields and hamlets of Haselbury and Box, Wilts.
  Consideration:  £2,200

YORKSHIRE     E1/30/1D/1-3

E1/30/1D/1     Bargain and Sale                     8 Nov 1685
     1.   Henry Manfield of taplow, Bucks,
          Ralph Atkinson of Deane Court,
            parish of Owborn, Bucks, gent and
          Ralph Atkinson gent, son and heir apparent
     2.   Gerrard Litler of London, gent and
          Richard Libb of Hardwick, esq.
  Messuage situate in Mowton alias Moulton Yorks, now or late in
the occupation of Christopher Smithson and also that messuage in
Moulton, now or late in the tenure of John Bolton, Cuthbert
Richardson, Richard Taylor and William Coltman and also another
messuage in Mowton alias Moulton. Gerrard Litler of London, gent
to hold for the term of life of Sir Edward Mansfield, the
remainder to Richard Libb, forever.

E1/30/1D/2     Acquittance                            5 Dec 1685
     1.   John Kettlewell, vicar of the parish and Church of
            Coleshill, Warwicks, clerke.
     2a.  Richard Lybbe of Hardwick, esq
      b.  Mary Lybbe , widdow, mother of 2a.
          (Administrators of Anthony Lybbe dec’d)
  Consideration money of £500 mentioned in marriage settlement
dated 3rd October 1685.
  Consideration:  £500

E1/30/1D/3     Release (following Lease for           3 Oct 1685
     a year) as Marriage Settlement
     1.   John Kettlewell, vicar of the parish & church
            of Coles Hill, Warwicks, Clarke.
     2a.  Richard Lybbe of Hardwick, esq
      b.  Anthony Lybbe, Rector of Checkendon,         Clerke.
     3.   Jane Lybbe, spinster, sister of 2a & 2b.
  Mansion House and farme called Lowfields in Brompton, North
Allerton, Yorks, with all lands appertaining. (Release on Trust)
  Consideration:  £500


E1/H/1    Letters (10)                           7 May 1777
     of:                                  -27 Dec 1786
     Philip Lybbe Powys, esq.
  Re Enclosure of Goring

E1/H/2    Copy/Act Parliment                           1787
  Act for Dividing and Inclosing the Open Common Fields, Common
meadows, Cow commons, Linchets, and Pieces or Parcels of Waste
Land or other Ground, intermixed with or adjoining to the said
Common Fields and common Meadows, situate in the Parish of
Goring, in the County of Oxford.

E1/H/3    Letters (6)                            9 Jan 1801
     of:                                -22 March 1809
     Philip Lybbe Powys, junior esq.
  Re Enclosure of Goring Heath

E1/H/4    Copy/Act of Parliament                       1809
  Act for Inclosing Goring Common or Goring Heath, and certain
waste lands in the parish of Goring in the County of Oxford.

E1/H/5    Copy/Act of Parliment                        1810
  An Act for inclosing Whitchurch Common and other Waste lands
in the parish of Whitchurch in the County of Oxford.

E1/H/6    Copy/Abstract of Claims               31 Jan 1810
  Abstract of Claims under the Goring Heath Inclosure Act.

E1/H/7    As cat no. E1/H/6                     31 Jan 1810

E1/H/8    Certificate of Enclosure Commissioners 4 Jun 1810
  As to Boundary between parishes of Goring and Southstoke.

E1/H/9    Copy/Act of Parliament                       1811
  An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Tilehurst in the
County of Berks. (Royal Assent 31st May 1811)

E1/H/10   Correspondence                        14 Mar 1814
     of:                                 - 21 Jun 1814
     P.L.Powys esq. of Hardwick.
  Re Goring Heath almshouses and enclosure.

E1/H/11   Copy/Tithe Apportionment               2 Aug 1860
     Philip Lybbe Powys, esq., and
     Samuel Weare Gardiner, esq
  Altered apportionment of the Rent Charge in lieu of tithes on
certain lands in the parish of Goring.

E1/H/12   Copy/Order of Exchange                28 Sep 1860
     Phillip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick, esq and
     Charles  Morrison of Basildon Park, Berks, esq.
  Order of Inclosure Commissioners for exchange of Lands & Title
Rent Charge in Goring.


E1/T/1    Inspeximus                    (? temp Henry VIII)
   Proceedings at the Assize of Newe Disseasen between
     John of Mohun of Dunsterre &
     Jone his wife and
     John Lovedaye &
     Sara, late wife of John Lovedaye,
  on feast of St. Margaret 24 Edw.III (July 20th 1350).
  Concerning free tenements in Goring.

E1/T/2    Ctpt/Lease for 5 years                18 Jun 1517
     1.   John Versy, Dean, and the Canons of
            St. George’s Chapel, Wyndesor
     2.   Thomas Paythe, Vicar of Mapeltreham (Mapledurham)
  Portions of Rotherfeld Pipard, Mapullderehim, Whitechich,
Gatehampton & Stoke Bassett.
  Consideration:  Total rent 80/8d p.a.

E1/T/3    Lease for 21 years                    10 Jul 1546
     1. Wylliam Franklyn,Dean,and Canons of St George’s
          Chapel, Wyndesore, Berks
     2. John Oglethorpe of Newyntone (Newington), gent
  Portion of tythes in Henton, Chynnor, called Bekher Wyne
  Consideration:  Rent 8/4d p.a.

E1/T/4    Copy/Lease for 56 years               20 Oct 1566
     1.   Dean & Canons of St. George’s Chapel, Windesor
     2.   Henry Harris of Newe Windesore, Berks, yeoman
  Portions of tythes of Mapledurham, Whitchurch & Gathampton,
called Beckheilewyns, Bechhervens or Beckheweste Tythes.
Portions of tythes of Adwells. Portions of tythes of Chinnor.
  Consideration: 20/-p.a. 26/8d p.a. 10/- p.a. 5/- p.a. 8/4d p.a.

E1/T/5    Lease for 36 years                  20 Jan 1577/8
     1.   Henry Harris of Newe Windesor, Berks, yeoman.
     2.   Christopher Betham of Adwell, gentleman
  Portion of tythes of Adwell called Beckherlewyne, Beckhewens
or Beckhewest.
  Consideration:  £10. Rent 5/- p.a.

E1/T/6    Lease for 31 years                    28 Oct 1586
     1.   William Hyde of Kingston, Berks, esq.
     2.   William Whystler of Goringe, yeoman.
  Parcell of grounde & coppice of woods called Heath Slade, in
Goringe; also voide grounde, Commons & heath in Goringe; also
sporting rights.
  Consideration:  Rent 20/-p.a.

E1/T/7    Assignment of Lease                   14 Dec 1611
     1.  Henry  Harris of Newe Windesor, Berks.
     2.  Thomas Jeale of Newe Windesor, Berks, yeoman
  Portion of tythes of Mapledurham, Whitchurch & Gathampton,
called Beckherlewyne, Beckhewens or Beckhewest tythes.
  Portion of tythes of Adwell.
  Portion of tythes of Chinnor.

E1/T/8    Lease for 21 years                    10 Apr 1621
     1.   Dean and Canons of St. George’s Chappell, Windsor
     2.   John Sonnibacke of Lyncolnes Inn, Middlesex, gent.
  Portion of tythes of Mapledurham, Whitchurch, and Gatehampton.
  Portion of tythes of Adwell.
  Portion of tythes of Chynnor.
  Consideration: Rent 20/- p.a. 26/8 p.a. 10/-p.a. 5/- p.a. 8/4d p.a.

E1/T/9    Counterpart of cat. no. E1/T/8        10 Apr 1621

E1/T/10   Counterpart Lease for 16 years        14 Nov 1637
     1.   Gregory Baker of Windsor Castle, Berks.
     2.   Henry Knapp of Rawlings, gent
All manner of tithes and tenths arising and issuing out of the
site and demeasne lands and grounds of the Manor and Farm of
Whitchurch, which tithes or tenths have been commonly called or
known by the name of Berroharlewin or Beckharvest tithes.

E1/T/11   Lease for 21 years                    10 Dec 1641
     1.   Dean & Canons of St. George’s Chappell, Windesor.
     2.   Joane Sonnibank of Newe Windesor, Berks, widdowe
  Portions of tithes of Mapledurham, Whitchurch and Gathampton,
called Beckherlewins, Beckhavens or Beckharvest tithes.
  Portion of Adwell tithes.
  Portion of Chinnor tithes.
  Consideration: Rents 20/- p.a. 26/8d p.a. 10/- p.a. 5/- p.a.
8/4d p.a.

E1/T/12   Counterpart/Lease for 13 years       3 Jan 1641/2
     1.   Joane Sonnybank of New Windsor, Berks, widowe
     2.    Henry  Knapp  of Rawlings, Oxon, gent.
  Tithes arising out of the manor and farme of Whitchurch,
called Beccherlewin of Beckharvest.
  Consideration:  Rent £13-6-8 p.a.

E1/T/13   Copy/Survey                              Aug 1649
  Portions of Tithes of Mapledurham, Whitchurch and Gathampton,
and Adwell and Chinnor, late parcell of the possessions of the
late Deane and Cannons of St, George’s Chappell Windsore; survey
taken by virtue of a Commission of Parliament for abolishing
Deanes, Deanes & Chapters, etc.

E1/T/14         Assignment of Lease and Deed of gift  20 Jul 1762
     1.   Philip Powys of Hardwicke, esq.
     2.   Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwicke, esq., eldest son of 1.
  Portions of tythes arising in Mapledurham, Whitchurch, and
Garthampton (Gatehampton), known as Beckherlewins, Beckharvens,
or Beckharvest tythes; also portion of tythes arising in
Hadwell, called Hadwell portion; also portion of Tythes arising
in Chinner, called Chinner portions, leased to 1. by the Deans &
Cannons of the King’s Free Chapel of St. George within the
Castle of Westminster.
Subject of Transaction Household goods, furniture and linen of
Hardwick House
  Consideration:  10/-

E1/T/15   Licence to Assign Lease               17 Aug 1778
     1.   Dean & Canons of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor
     2.   Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwicke, esq.
  Portions of tithes of Mapledurham, Whitchurch and Garthampton.
  Portion of Adwell tithes.
  Portion of Chinnor tithes.

E1/T/16   Counterpart/Lease for 21 years        28 Jun 1813
     1.   Dean & Canons of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.
     2a.  Caroline Powys of Henly-upon-Thames, widow
      b.  Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick, esq.
      c.  Rev Edward Cooper of Hamstall Ridware, Stafford, clerk
      d.  Rev. Thomas Powys of Fawley, Bucks, clerk.
  As cat no E1/T/15
  Consideration:  72 gallons of wheat. £3-10-5d     Land Tax

E1/T/17   Receipt                               10 May 1820
     1.   Chas Roby, Steward, for Dean & Canons of Windsor.
     2.   Philip Lybbe Powys, esq
  Renewal  of  lease  of  Chinnor  for  7  years
  Fine:  £300-0-0.
  Fees  of Leases: £307-9-2
  Consideration: £307-9-2d.

E1/T/18   Copy/Lease for 21 years.              11 Jun 1834
     1.   Dean & Canons of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor
     2a.  Philip Lybbe Powys of Hardwick, esq.
      b.  Rev. Edward Philip Cooper of Hamstall Ridware, Staffs
      c.  Elizabeth Powys of Henley-upon-Thames, widow
            of  Rev. Thomas Powys, late of Fawley, dec’d
  As cat no. E1/T/15

E1/T/19   Licence to Assign Lease               30 Sep 1842
     1.   Dean & Canons of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.
     2a.  Rev. Thomas Arther Powys of Medmenham, Bucks clerk
      b.  Bransby William Powys of Staple Inn, gent
            (exors of Elizabeth Powys, dec’d)
      c.  Rev Edward Philip Cooper of Burford, clerk
  As cat no. E1/T/15

E1/T/20   Assignment of Lease upon trust        30 Sep 1842
     1.   Henry Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
     2.   Philip Lybbe Powys of the same, esq, eldest son of 1.
     3.   Rev. Richard Thomas powys of Goring Heath, clerk.
  As cat no. E1/T/15

E1/T/21   Assignment of Lease                   30 Sep 1842
     1.   Rev. Edward Philip Cooper of Burford, clerk.
     2a.  Rev. Thomas Arthur Powys of Medmenham, Bucks, clerk.
      b.  Bransby William Powys of Staple Inn, gent
            (exors of Elizabeth Powys).
     3.   Henry Philip Powys of Hardwick, esq.
  As cat no E1/T/15
  Nos 2a. and 2b. assign third part of tithes to 3. No 1.
assigns third part of tithes to 3.
  Consideration:  £930; £1,000


E1/F/1    Accounts and Receipts                 11 Apr 1781
     1.   John Maddison
     2.   Rev. Thos. Powys.
  Arrears £150 annuity from 26th June 1776 to 11th April 1781.
  Discharge of 2 annuity bonds from Philip Lybbe Powys & Rev.
Thos. Powys  to Mr. William Brymer and John Maddison.
  Consideration:  £331-12-0.  £1050.

E1/F/2    Letters of Attorney                    1 Feb 1785
     1a.  Robert Preston of Lime Street, London
      b.  William Stacy of Fleet-Street, London, watchmaker
            (exors of the will of Robert Allam, dec’d)
     2.   John Allam of New Bond Street, Middlesex,
            nephew of Robert Allam, dec’d
  To receive annuity of £75 from Rev. Thomas Powys during his

E1/F/3    Account                                 June 1801
     1.   Rev the Dean of Canterbury (Dr. Thomas Powys)
     2.   Mr. John Allam
   Repurchase of annuity of £75.

E1/F/4    Promissory Note                       18 Jun 1801
     1.   (Rev Thomas Powys)
     2.   John Allam
  Payment of £200 with interest within 12 months.

E1/F/5    Receipt for £85-5-0 & 3 guineas       18 Jun 1801
     1.   Jere. Simpson, (for Mr. Allam)
     2.   Rev. Thomas Powys, Dean of Canterbury.

E1/F/6    Bond                                    June 1801
     1.   John Allam of Salisbury, Wilts, gent.
     2.   Rev. Thomas powys of fawley, D.D., Dean of Canterbury
  Annuity of £75
  Consideration:  £1,050

E1/F/7    Account Book                          26 Dec 1804
     Parties:                             -23 Jan 1810
     1.   Very Rev. Dr. Thomas Powys, Dean of Canterbury.
     2.   George Legassick

E1/F/8    Account Book                          15 Apr 1806
     Parties:                             -30 Mar 1809
     1.   Very Rev. The Dean of Canterbury (Dr. Thomas Powys)
     2.   Messrs. Hewett & Cooper.

E1/F/9    Account Book                           1 Jan 1808
     Parties:                             -10 Oct 1810
     1a.  Very Rev. Dr. Thomas Powys, Dean of Canterbury.
      b.  Philip Lybbe Powys, esq.
     2.   Messrs. Drummond and co.

E1/F/10   Receipt for £1-1-8                    28 Jun 1808
     1.   Wm. Gold
     2.   The Rev. the Dean of Canterbury.
  For teaching of 5 Sunday boys from Christmas to Midsummer last

E1/F/11   Account Book                          31 Dec 1808
      Parties:                             -13 Oct 1810
     1.   Very Rev. the Dean of Canterbury  (Dr. Thomas Powys)
     2.   Messrs Hewett and Cooper.

E1/F/12   Receipt for £672                      11 Jul 1809
     1.   J. Clements
     2.   The Rev. Thomas Powys
  Consideration money for £800 of 4% Annuities

E1/F/13   Account                               19 Oct 1809
     Parties:                             -18 Dec 1809
     1.   Administrator of Dr. Powys          (P.L. Powys, esq.)
     2.   Messrs Blandy & Saunders.
   Estate of Rev. Dr. Powys, late Dean of Canterbury, dec’d.

E1/F/14   General Account Book                   3 Nov 1809
                                            - Oct 1811

E1/F/15   Account                                  Oct 1809
     Parties:                                -Oct 1811
      P.L.Powys, esq., administrator of the revd. the Dean.
  Account of the estate of the Rev. Thomas Powys, Dean of

E1/F/16   Administration Account book.           3 Nov 1809
     Parties:                              -9 Oct 1811
     Rev. Dr Thomas Powys (Dean of Canterbury)

E1/F/17   Receipt for £635                      19 Jan 1810
     1.   W. J. Sarney
     2.   Philip Powys esq., administrator of the
            late Revd. Dean of Canterbury.
  Money in discharge of principal and interest due on Bond from
the Dean & the Late P.L. Powys, esq. to Miss Anne Sarney & Miss
Sarah Sarney (Aunts of 1.)

E1/F/18   Account                                  Jan 1810
    Parties:                               - Jan 1811
     1.   Messrs. Blandy & Saunders
     2.   The Representatives of the late Dr. Powys.
  The estate of Dr. Powys.

E1/F/19   Account (Statement)                   12 Aug 1810
                                       - 13 Aug 1810
     Late Dean of Canterbury’s estate.

E1/F/20   Estimate                         14 & 19 Sep 1810
     Richard Billing
     John Uzzell
  Estimate of repairs mecessary to make good the dilapidations
in the Vicarage of Sichester, Hants, lately held by the Rev. Dr.
Powys, dec’d.

E1/F/21   Account                               16 Oct 1810
                                         - 25 Jul 1811
  Account of the Administration as relates to the Money
transferred from Messrs. Drummonds to Messrs Stephens & Co,
Bankers, Reading, October 11th 1810.

PROBATE     E1/W/1 - 34

E1/W/1    Abstract of Will                      19 Jan 1836
   Will of the Rev. R. Baker, dec’d dated 5th August 1824 &
proved 3rd May 1828

E1/W/2    Probate                               20 Apr 1676
   Will with probate of Henry Clearke of Whitchurch, husbandman
dated 18 Oct 1675 bequeaths 6 acres of which 4 acres are in
Blackmore Field and 2 in Bosden Field to be divided between 3

E1/W/3    Copy/Will                             12 Mar 1823
     Edward Cooper of Hamstall Ridware, Stafford, clerk

E1/W/4    Memorandum                            30 Sep 1692
     (annexed to cat no. E1/9/7D/11)
  Grimmerhill, Goring, as committed to writing the witnesses
William Blackall & William Langford.

E1/W/5    Letters of Administration              1 Oct 1692
     1.   Thomas Stafford Lord Archdeacon of
            the Archdeacanry of Oxon.
     2.   William Crutchfield of Goring

E1/W/6    Probate, copy of will annexed    Will: 3 Feb 1754
     of:                          Probate: 15 Jul 1761
     John Girle of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex.

E1/W/7    Extract from the will           Will: 29 Jan 1704
     of:                          Probate: 10 Jul 1705
     Dame Jane Holman of WestonFavill, Northants widow and
            relict of Sir John Holman, baronet:
     1.   Requests to be buried in the parish church of St
Bernett Fink, city of London, near her husband.
     2.   Bequests to her nephew, William Destorey, senior of
London, merchant her mansion house with the gardens orchards,
stables, outhouses and close Weston, Favill, Northants.

E1/W/8    Copy/ Will & Probate            Will: 14 Mar 1802
     of:                           Proved: 18 Mar 1803
     John Lichfield of Goring Heath, clerk.

E1/W/9    Copy/Will & Probate             Will: 14 Mar 1803
     of:                           Proved: 30 Dec 1803
     Hannah Lichfield of Goring heath, widow

E1/W/10   Will and two codicils                  1 May 1599
     Richard Lybbe of Hardwycke, gent
     Will     Henry Ravenscroft (writer)
     John Stonor     Richard Wintershall
     1st Codicil
     2nd Codicil
     Richard Wintershall
     Richard Wintershall
     Paule Wilkinsone
     John Stonor
     W. Langwell
     John Okeley

E1/W/11   Probate with copy of Will &            1 May 1599
     2 codicils annexed
     Estate of Richarde Lybbe of Hardwycke, gent.

E1/W/12   Copy/Will and Probate           Will: 31 Oct 1612
     Parties:                     Probate: 18 May 1614
     1.   George, Archbishop of Canterbury
     2.   Richard Lybbe esq., son & exor of the testator.
  Estate of Loane [surely Joane] Libb, widowe, of Hardwicke,
Whitchurch, wife of Richard Libbe, esq., dec’d.

E1/W/13   Letters of Administration             20 Nov 1674
     Mary Libbe, widow of Anthony Libbe of Hardwicke

E1/W/14   Letters of Administration           11 Feb 1692/3
     Richard Lybbe, esq, eldest son of Mary  Lybbe,widow, dec’d

E1/W/15   Copy/Extract from Will                15 Dec 1714
     of:     Richard Lybbe, Senior, esq.                        
            Clause relating to Almshouses for 4 poor old men in
Goreing, (2 from Goreing, 2 from Whitchurch & Checkendon)

E1/W/16   As cat no. E1/W/14                    15 Dec 1714
     of:     Richard Lybbe, Senior, esq.

E1/W/17   Copy/Will and Probate                 15 Dec 1714
     of:                          Probate: 30 Nov 1715
     Richard Lybbe the Elder of Hardwicke, esq.

E1/W/18   Will of:                              14 Nov 1722
     Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq.

E1/W/19   Copy/Will and Probate                 14 Nov 1722
     of:                        Probate: 28 Feb 1723/4
     Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq.

E1/W/20   Copy/Will and Probate                 14 Nov 1722
     of:     Richard Lybbe of Hardwicke, esq.

E1/W/21   Extract from Will and Probate.        21 Oct 1655
     of:                           Probate: 5 Jun 1656
     Richard Paslewe of Beach, Goringe (Goring), gent
  (inter alia) Parcell of Land called Wintersalle Piddle;
parcell of land called High Wood Corner, in Southstoke.

E1/W/22   Letters of Administration            2 Jan 1728/9
     Philip Powys, son of Elizabeth Powys of
       Isleworth, Middlesex, widow, dec’d

E1/W/23   Letter of Administration              25 Aug 1809
     1.   Charles, Archbishop of Canterbury
     2.   Caroline Powys, [nee Girle] widow of Philip Lybbe Powys,
            late of Fawley, Bucks, dec’d
  Goods and Chattels of Philip Lybbe Powys, who died intestate.

E1/W/24   Letter of Administration               8 Jan 1818
     (with copy of will annexed)
     1.   Charles, Archbishop of Canterbury
     2    Philip Lybbe Powys son of Caroline Powys
          of Fawley, Bucks, dec’d
  Will of Caroline Powys.

E1/W/25   Letters of Administration with Copy    3 May 1838
     of Will annexed                  Will: 8 Jul 1814
     1.   William, Archbishop of Canterbury
     2.   Henry Philip Powys, son & Legatee of Philip Lybbe
            Powys of Hardwick house, Whitchurch, esq., dec’d

E1/W/26   Letters of Administration with copy    8 Jan 1849
          of will annexed                  Will: 2 Dec 1844
     1.   John Bird, Archbishop of Canterbury
     2.   Henry Philip Powys, esq., son of Louisa  Powys dec’d
  Will of Louisa Powys of Hardwick, Whitchurch and of Orton on
the Hill, Leicester, widow.

E1/W/27   Miscellaneous papers
  Correspondence, receipts accounts etc, re the estate of Louisa
Powys, dec’d, including receipts for legacies, accounts of
funeral expenses, payments for death duties and a copy of the

E1/W/28   Letters of Administration with        10 Mar 1856
      Residuary Account annexed
     1.   John Bird, Archbishop of Canterbury
     2.   Henry Philip Powys, esq., father of Edward Shawe
Powys, dec’d
  Goods, Chattels etc., of Edward Shawe Powys, son of 2. dec’d.

E1/W/29   Letters of Administration             21 Sep 1803
     1.   Arthur Dodwell, clerk, M.A., Archeaconry of Berks.
     2.   Edward Talfound, son & next of kin of Mary Talfound,
            late of Reading, Berks, widow, dec’d
  Estate of Mary Talfound

E1/W/30   Copy/Will                              6 Jul 1696
     Francis Tipping of Whitfield (Wheatfield).

E1/W/31   Probate (with Copy of Will       Will: 7 Oct 1644
     annexed)                     Probate: 15 Jul 1646
   Estate of John Wells the Elder of Mapledurham, yeoman.

E1/W/32   Probate Copy of Will                29 Jul 1683
                                        Probate: 27 Feb 1695
     Tobie Wells of Whitchurch, yeoman
  Grants to his son Henry Wells the reversion and inheritance
ofproperty as in E1/10/4D/2 with inventory of Mapledurham
Gurney, husbandman 23rd January 1695

E1/W/33   Copy/Will & Probate               18 Jan 1684/5
     Richard Wilder of Goreing cum Gathampton, labourer.

E1/W/34   Copy/Will & Probate         Will: 29 Jan 1694/5      
                    Probate: 12 Jul 1695
     Richard Wylder of Gathampton, Goreing, gent.

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